Enjoy an easy ride to the moon!

About EasyMoon

Easymoon is about to make your week, and probably your whole life a lot easier. Let’s just say we’ve made a deal with the man on the moon to kick your wallet into the stratosphere and beyond.

So what’s in the stars for you? Get ready for launch: Easymoon is a token on the Radix network and has a total immutable supply of 42 billion $emoon. Most of the supply was given away for free to those who wanted it in a weekly giveaway that lasted for 42 weeks. Why 42? Because 42 is the answer to everything, obviously, and Babylon arrives close to the end of the giveaway. Radix is in the process of becoming extremely popular, and it will soon be altcoins time to rally.

How likely is a rally? Let’s just say at Easymoon, we can see it written in the stars. Basic demand and supply rules say that Easymoon is for sure a shooting star. Actually, it’s more like a star, strapped to a rocket, with double strength rocket fuel - and we’ve got the key in the ignition, ready to go. So, where does the demand come from? It’s from all those moonboys believing that Easymoon is going to the moon. Ordinary people realize that moonboys think like this, and therefore choose to invest as well. Everyone invests, and demand enters the stratosphere. Jackpot!

All Easymoon needs is the already cool concept, and the very real response of FOMO. You could have got free tokens by following the steps below, but the giveaway has sadly ended. Luckily you can still buy them cheaply on OCISWAP. You’re still early, but not for long!

Weekly Giveaway has Ended

Details about the giveaway are preserved because of history.

Get your xrd wallet ready

Install Radix Desktop wallet, and load your wallet with some xrd.

Stake a minimum of 1000 xrd

This step is to ensure that you are doing something positive for the Radix network. Wallets that do not have a minimum of 1000 XRD staked are not qualified for the weekly giveaway. You can choose which validators you want to stake with yourselves.

On Monday utc send 1 xrd to


Easy, right? That’s why we call it Easymoon. Your wallet is now registered for the giveaway this week. Your easymoon tokens will be sent out within the next day. If you wish to participate the next week, all you need to do is follow this step again.
NB!: Only transactions sent on Monday within the UTC timezone are valid. The last Monday is June 5th, 2023.


Total supply: 42,000,000,000


Weekly giveaway
Every Monday for 42 weeks 1.43% of total supply is equally distributed between those who register for it.


15% of funds are used for marketing and giveaways.


Liquidity pools
15% will go to liquidity pools like OCISWAP and others DEXes and exchanges.


10% will go to the founders of this project and further development.

Trade Easymoon

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